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I just need her you know? Like it’s not a simple admiration for an artist. It’s literally the fact that she’s one of my only sources of joy. She makes me smile and she lets me know that she’s been where I am. She lets me know that SOMEDAY I’ll have a place. Cause I have no idea where that is today, but I know that my life wouldn’t be the same without her. I just want her to know how much I care about her. I want her to know how much she’s influenced me. She allowed me to understand what feminism is because before I just didn’t know what exaclty it was. You know, and now I’m like “hell yes I’m a feminist!” And she makes me feel less weird about not drinking and doing illegal things and it’s ok that I stay home instead of go to parties! I’m 16 you know and all these kids I know do that and I always feel awkward that I don’t! But she said once to be the age you are. God I just need a moment with her. She’s opened my heart and mind and made me smile when nobody could and I want her to know. I will start walking to New York I don’t care. I’ll walk whenever. I just need it to happen.
a text from screamingiminlovewithyou aka Caitlin (via thestarsthatshined)

Holy jesus I said something so beautiful I could cry

(via screamingiminlovewithyou)
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